What Does Your Birth Month Say About You?

What Does Your Birth Month Say About You

For the Respective Individuals That Have Their Birthdays in That Month, Each Month Has Its Own Characteristics and Attributes. Everybody Wants to Learn Something. The Month of Birth Says a Lot About the Essence and Personality of an Individual. In This Article Let Us Find Out.

In January

The Urge to Be Number One is Regulated by People Born in January. They’re Intensely Competitive, Determined and They Love to Take Care of Tasks. This Month’s Natives Are Also Very Wet and Caring, Too. In Their Professional Lives, They Are Fantastic at Creating Networks. They’re Outgoing, Social and Money-good.

They Are Kept Stable by Their Sensible Attitude Towards Spending Money. They Have a Clear Opinion and Most Definitely Voice It Out on Different Complexities of Life. They Enjoy Challenges on the Job Front, and Never Put Their Job Second. One Might Say That They’re Workaholics. They Enjoy Either Binge Eating or Shopping to Relieve Tension.


Old School Romantics Are People Born in February. You Can’t Help It, Because Feb is a Month to Celebrate Passion, Too. These People Want to Be Surrounded by Friends. They Esteem Responsibilities and Support Caring Relationships.

When It Comes to Feelings, Individuals Born in This Month May Also Be Very Needy, but They Need to Learn How to Communicate Them. People Spend Time With Their Families on February Birthdates to Relieve Stress and Anxiety. They Will Go Silent When Hurt and Will Sulk Alone Until They Are Able to Face the World Again. They Are People Who Enjoy Social Peace, and Who Like to Lead a Life of Order.


The March Natives Are Pretty Quiet and Introverted. Their Thoughts Are Pretty Random. One Day, They May Be Fired Up and the Next Moment, They Can Feel Poor. Their Attributes Are Imagination, Empathy and Compassion, and They Wear Them on Their Sleeves. They Want to Be Left Alone While They Are Overcome by the Emotions.

Most Times They Use Art to Convey It. People Born in March Love to Socially Uplift Individuals. They Will Excel in Journaling, Cooking, Advice, Blogging, Social Work, Doodling, Etc. They Enjoy Being Pampered Once in a While and Are Suckers of Enjoy and Harmony.

In April

People Born in April Are Fond of Being at the Center of Level. They Hate Being Dominated and Do Not Like Losing to Anybody. Freaks and Enthusiasts at Sport, They Will Encourage Others to Stay Fit. They Enjoy Knowledge Gaining, and Believe in Sharing the Learning Experience. They’re Pretty Honest and Don’t Believe in Slimming or Sugar-their Sentences Are Coated.

They Serve You a Raw Type of the Facts. They Make Outstanding Teachers. They Think About Outward Appearance and, as a Result, Often End Up Being Egoistic. Nevertheless, They Are Grounded and Do Not Let Criticism Annoy Them. In Order to Alleviate Tension, They Like to Engage in Household Chores or Declutter Their Room.

They Have a Personality That is Charismatic. They Also Come Across as Stubborn as They Find It Hard to Digest the Opinion or Point of View of Others. To Revive Their Mental Peace, They Believe in the Concept of a Home.


Born in May, Those Are Packed With Hope and Positivity. Overall They Spread Hope. May is a Time of Fresh Beginnings. In This Month Many Musicians, Actors and Artists Are Born. People Born in May Be Unable to Operate on a Fixed Schedule and Need Flexibility.

As Ideas Then Flow Naturally to Them, Versatility is Good for Their Creative Expression. This is Why They Find It Challenging to Succeed in a Desk Job. Their Expectations or Beliefs, Like Their Existence, Are Also Subject to Change.

They Can Be Very Adventurous and They’re Still Up to Fly. This is How They Alleviate Tension. They Are Natural Detectors of Lie, and Can Easily See Through the Shallowness or Lies of One. So, to Not Try to Fool Them is a Smart Idea.

They Don’t Have Time for Drama and They Prefer Their Time Alone Over Social Space. They Try Hard to Create a Balance Between Their Personal and Professional Lives. They Are Making Good Therapists, Law Enforcers, Counselors, Musicians, Authors, Entertainers and So on. A Word of Advice to Your Mates and Lovers — Don’t Keep Them a Secret.


June is in Summertime and Reminds Us of Family Holidays and Family Holidays. People Born in June Are Born With the Innate Instinct of Becoming Parents of Their Peers and Make Great Parents. They Are Excellent Listeners and Tellers of Stories. People Want to Believe in Them, and Express Their Deepest Fears Easily.

This Month’s Natives Also Have Excellent Leadership Skills and Are Good at Keeping a Healthy Balance in Their Work Lives. They Sometimes Come Off as Commanding, and This Tendency Must Be Taken Care of. People Will Take Advantage of Them Because of Their Kind Nature. Their Relationships Should Go the Extra Mile.


Born During the Month of July, People Are Adventurous, Funny, Intelligent and Independent. They Are Nice and Very Amusing at Sarcasm. They Are Attracted Towards Nature and They Enjoy Their Isolation. One Could Call Them Loners but They Really Enjoy Their Isolation. They Take an Immense Interest in Philosophy and Spirituality.

Normal Overthinkers, They Always Strive to Find Balance With Any Cause Between Moral and Intellectual Thinking. They Can Be Very Moody and, in Essence, Are Sensitive. They Are Great at Solving Mysteries, and Also Strive to Solve the Puzzles of Their Lives. They Are Always Looking to Find Solutions to Their Issues.


People Born in August Are the Birthplace Representatives. They Are Individuals Whose Words of Wisdom Will Inspire People. People Born in August Are Pretty Hard Working, Grounded and Hard. They Sweat a Lot to Put in Technical Achievements and Don’t Mind Pushing Themselves Any More.

Be It Technical or Personal, They Like to Make Their Own Choices. They Don’t Like Taking Other People ‘s Advice or Suggestions. These Individuals Can Be Said to Be Workaholics and This is Their Greatest Obstacle. They Also Have a Hard Time Establishing a Balanced Work-life Balance Because of This Existence.

They Can Also Be Very Adamant in Their Beliefs and Judgmental. Born in August, They Make Excellent Bosses and Have a High Ethic for the Job. They Hate Lies and They Can Be Really Angry. These Individuals Are Often Very Critical of Themselves and Are Wary of Their Self-image.


September is the Month Marking the Start of a New Season. People Born in September Are Going Through Life-long Changes and Transformations. The Nine Enjoy Supporting Others and Holding Their Hearts in the Right Place. Born in September, They Are Go-getters, and Can Scale the Ladder of Success Easily.

They Are Very Realistic, Grounded and They Have an Eye for Information. That’s Why They Are Respected on the Job Front. They Have a Hard Time Keeping a Healthy Balance and Are Fully Structured, Neat-freaks and Workaholics.

They Find It Hard to Ask People for Help. In Their Work They Find Sense and Material, and Enjoy It When They Do What They Want. Their Definition of Happiness is Not Living From Paycheck to Paycheck.


Formed in October, These Are Extrovert, Intuitive and Imaginative Social Beings. They’re Often Fantastic With Vocabulary and Everyone Has a Way Around. They Are Unremitting Employees and They Have a Wonderful Sense of Humor. These Individuals Are Very Generous, Too, and Will Do Anything for Their Mates. When It Comes to Friendship Money is Secondary to Them.

People Born in October Have a Great Fashion Sense and With Their Presence Can Make Great Fashionistas and Turn Heads Around. They Enjoy Family Time as Equally as They Love to Spend Time With Their Peers. They Enjoy Literature and Painting, and Are Happy to Do Something Artistic.

Birthdates in October Make Exceptional Artists, Instructors, Stylists, Politicians, Lawyers and Entertainers.

In November

People Born in November Are Only Waiting for the Spring Season. They Are Enigmatic, Elusive, Empathic and Self-giving. They Appear to Safeguard Everything That is Near to Them and Protect Their Safety. Born in November, They Can Be Interactive, but They Are Cautious of Who They Let in Their Circle. But a Handful of Close Friends May Have Several Acquaintances.

People, Since They Are Not Judgmental, Are Very Comfortable Revealing Their Deepest Secrets. They Are Carers and Supporters, Also Spending Their Energies on Curing Others. When They’re Not Careful, This Can Tire Them. They Don’t Like the Vulnerable, They Monitor or They Nag People as Spouses. Born in November, They Can Make Successful Investigators, as They Can Sense Distant Lies and Fake People. They Have Great Intuition Powers and Their Gut Instincts Are Always Trusted. They Excell in the Field of Formation.


December is a Month of Joy and Merriment. People Born This Month Often Appear to Be Happy-go-lucky and Jovial. They Are Brimming With Kindness and Love. They Respect Family Relations but Want to Live Separately.

Depending on the Situation They Can Be Both Centered and Enjoyable. Quite Devoted and Concentrated in Life, They Have Excellent Ethics in Life. These Individuals Are Fairly Competitive in Nature and Are Risk-takers. They Need to Find a Balance and a Way for Their Competitive Streak to Relax. They’re Not Bothering Much About Living by the Book or Rules. Life as It is, They Prefer to Take It.

  • Question of

    What season were you born in?

    What season were you born in
    • Winter
    • Fall
    • Spring
    • Summer
  • Question of

    What’s the most comfortable weather?

    What's the most comfortable weather
    • Sunshine
    • Rain
    • Snow
    • Wind
  • Question of

    Would you ever dye your hair bright green?

    Would you ever dye your hair bright green
    • I have
    • I would try
    • I prefer something more subtle
    • No thank you
  • Question of

    What do you think others like about you ?

    What do you think others like about you
    • I give good advice
    • I am humble
    • I’m encouraging
    • I’m reliable
  • Question of

    What section of the year were you born in?

    What section of the year were you born in
    • January – march
    • April – June
    • July – September
    • October – December
  • Question of

    What is your best friend’s best quality?

    What is your best friend's best quality
    • my best friend is loyal
      My Best Friend is Loyal
    • My Best Friend is Thoughtful
      My Best Friend is Thoughtful
    • My Best Friend is Down-to-earth
      My Best Friend is Down-to-earth
    • My Best Friend Speaks His or Her Mind
      My Best Friend Speaks His or Her Mind
  • Question of

    You Think With Your Heart or Your Head?

    You Think With Your Heart or Your Head
    • I Try to Use Both
      I Try to Use Both
    • I Think With My Heart
      I Think With My Heart
    • It Depends on the Topic
      It Depends on the Topic
    • I Think With My Head
      I Think With My Head

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